Philosophy of Originality

Finding cool stuff is our passion. We search everywhere for great merchandise for our customers. Trying to stay ahead of the masses buying lots of the same thing on-line is the challenge of the specialty boutique. There aren’t many of us left in the retail world because it takes time, endless energy to hunt and having a few tricks up your sleeve.



We have created an exclusive line of Big Bear Lake merchandise that we sell at O KOO RAN.
Designed by University of Utah Multi-Disciplinary Design School graduate and son of the owner, Dane Antes. Customers continually asked for Big Bear Lake branded merchandise but we never liked any of the run-of-the-mill name drop designs so we asked Dane to design a minimalist Bear with a hand lettered graphic. We are proud to have this timeless design as our own.



Change your shoes/belt/hat/earrings, change your life! The perfect accessory can make the outfit become your signature style. Hunting for unique accessories for your look or your home is one of our favorite pursuits. It’s so satisfying to nail the look with the right touch.



Some of the magic of O KOO RAN comes from the inspiration we get when we travel. Jeannie often brings back special finds from her trips abroad and trade show trips. All of our sales girls bring back inspiration for new ideas and brands and vibes from their travels as well.
Life is short and the world is wide!

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