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O KOO RAN has been bringing on-trend clothing, unique shoes, beautiful accessories and fun gifts to locals and visitors of Big Bear Lake since September of 1988 on the corner of Bartlett Avenue and Village Drive. We have been through 30 years of changing trends, changing economy, forest fires, floods, an earthquake and even a fire in the store!



The site of our store was originally a family owned Pharmacy with living quarters in the back.
This photo is courtesy of Mark Durban and the Big Bear Historical Society. They maintain a great museum located in Big Bear City.


We work hard to find unique and beautiful merchandise to offer our customers. It’s normal to hear a customer tell us they are still wearing their hand-finished AG jeans five years later! We offer brands that have longevity as well as fun pieces to create newness in your wardrobe. Our curated selection of accessories and jewelry are sought after by our customers. We like to make every visit fun and interesting, so our gift selection includes books, custom designed Big Bear logo merchandise, embroidered patches, gorgeous perfumes and hand cremes and one-of-a-kind art pieces.

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