Sprite Board Book

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It can be scary and overwhelming as a parent or caregiver to help your child navigate loss. Most of us didn’t grow up learning how to talk about grief or process the ways it affects our bodies, minds, and emotions. Sprite’s board book was written as a tool for parents & caregivers to help open a conversation about grief & loss. The story shows little ones that the memory of the loved one will always be with them and allows them to express grief through the guided interactive storyline.

Sprites are magical creatures that appear in the wake of tragic loss, offering comfort to those who are coping with grief. A reminder of someone special who has passed, Sprite represents the love creatures feel for their lost loved ones. Sprite’s mission in life is to help others navigate the non-linear experience of grief after a loss. By helping creatures understand that their loved ones will always live on through their hearts and memories, Sprite helps to normalize the shift that happens when someone close passes on. 

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